The mission for this new site is open to You. As Trussler's we all have a say in how our name and this site are to be utilized. No one of us has a monopoly on the name. Before I invest a lot of time and energy in designing this site I would love to hear from many of you about what you would like to see. I will try to be as democratic in this process as possible.

I will be creating a geneology series of pages from historical data and any new information you wish to have added to this history. I am eager to collect stories about you and past Trussler's/ Trusler's for this part of the project.

Other possibilities are to have indexes by name or by location that lead to contact info or pointers to your current websites. Let me know what the pros and cons for this might be.

In any case. I hope it is a positive move in the promotion of Trusslers /Trusler's and their endeavors everywhere.


contact me anytime at